Membrane Structure uses light weight material made of Polymer Textile to be roofing material. This textile gives designers, architects and engineers the freedom of design innovation to experiment with exciting shapes for their building. With this reason, design and innovation is very important. Fastech has in-house research & development division; our architects, who have many years of experience in Membrane Structure, will work closely with owners, architects or designers in order to get the best conceptual design for our valued customers. Included in the design innovation service are as below:

To get the suitable & attractive canopy shape, we need to design precisely to make sure that the fabric has sufficient curvature in both directions. This stage we normally call “Form Finding”

The structure that is used to support fabric roof can be in variety shapes and types. As a designer, we always design a supported structure to suit the shape and form of Membrane Fabric. The elegance and exciting supported structure wil enhance the look of overall Membrane Structure.

Membrane Structure is a custom made fabric structure; therefore, all of connection systems and cables need to be design carefully to suit the shape of Membrane fabric. For every project our design design & development architect always put their high effort to experiment and create new challenging connection systems for customers satisfaction and successful project.


      After the conceptual of fabric has been confirmed. We need to do analysis and calculation work which including:

This design procedure refers as Membrane Analysis. At this stage, design engineer will assign all related load and force to rach coordinate which depending on the shape of fabric. There are 2 criteria of force that we introduce at Membrane Analysis.
This force means pre-stress of the fabric
This force includes: wind load, live load, service load, snow load, etc.
The reaction force report will be produced after Membrane Analysis. This engineering report will be used by client’s structural engineer to design foundation.
Moveroever, at this stage we can design the pattern & cutting seam in order to cut the fabric.

We perform structure analysis after obtain reaction force report. At this phase we are designing to get the proportionate size and detailing of structural support. The shop drawing for structure support being produced at this stage. Supported for Membrane Structure can be many types such as: steel, concrete, wood, depending on the requirement/conceptual. Commonly supported structure system for Membrane are rigid frame, suspension, cable net system, air supported system.

This procedure we design the shape and size of all connection systems such as Edges, Inside line, Ridge cable, Corner plates, Tendons, etc. Being a custom made fabric roof structure the connection system will also need to be custom made as well as other component tosuit the shape and form of the fabric. At this stage shop drawing for connection system is produced.


In-house manufacturing facilities

    Fastech has in-house manufacturing facilities which includes advance technology automatic plotter & cutting machine, automatic Welding Machine. We’re therefore convinced that we can do a quality job with accuracy and expert workmanship


High effort & expertise

    The high risk for membrane structure is at installation, hence our engineering team has put high effort & expertise to design method of installation.
    For the reason of membrane’s freeform feature, membrane structure can be in many shape then the installation method from project to project will be different. Our project engineer will make sure to prepare the team ready for the work. Fastech has well trained in-house installation team who have years of experience to service our customers worldwide.


    Even though the textile roof is manufactured with an efficient methodology that it is almost maintenance-free for its planned life, cleaning is still essential when natural rainwater is lacking. Moreover, cables is external situations are subject to corrosion and should be regularly inspected. We have classified this maintenance services into two parts:

In some case that the membrane is damaged, Fastech has the service team to do site repair as we have mobile welding machine. However, not all damage can be repaired. At the site, sometimes environment can be unsuitable or unsafe for fabric to be repaired. We may need dismount and return the fabric to the factory for repair.

Every building will need maitenance and cleaning in order to maintain the good condition and profile image. At Fastech, we provide excellent maintenance service. Contracts can be purchased for yearly basis or by on-call service.